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About Sparta's Harness

Toni Porretta Sparta's Harness was born from the inventor Toni Porretta in 2014 in Milan.

Our Designer and Tailor is inspired by the Magna Graecia or today's Calabria (region of southern Italy) in which the first Spartan warriors fought to colonize it, thus bringing the iconic beauty of Greek culture.

Soon after he started co-operating with some of the best gay parties in Europe like WE party in Madrid, La Demence in Brussels, Cox and Muccassassina in Italy (and more are on the way), introducing the imagery and the models of the brand to a very wide gay audience, because nowadays more and more men like to wear a harness without necessarily being into leather or BDSM.

From there the Spartan helmet in red color was born, which represents the passion and strength that we put into it every day to face life.

The several years spent working at the tailor's shop of the famous Versace fashion house in Milan, where he learns the best sewing techniques in the world, enrich the professional background of our Designer.

Sparta's Harness Sparta's Harness Bursts onto the European scene, begins it and then spreads all over the world with super colored Harnesses in Leather and expanded Latex thus breaking the classic canons of Black fetish Leather. Also a pioneer in printing the logo on the front of the Harness. With the passage of time Sparta's expands its range of products thus creating items such as Shorts, Underpants, Jocks, Tank Tops and various accessories, thus affecting different categories of Men who love to change Looks in various events and never be banal.

Sparta's Harness is Colorful, Bursting, Excessive, super Glamor, ready to go and enhance all the people who love Life and want something different from the usual things that the market offers.

The dream and above all the mission of our Designer and of Sparta's Harness is to react to moments of carefree and happiness to as many people as possible.

So those who wear our garments must feel unique because behind each garment there is a great job to enhance your person to the maximum.

Enjoy Sparta's Harness